Date: 4th June 2013 at 8:47am
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I think that everyone realises that nothing is forever, however most wouldn’t have given Sebastian Vettel a thought of retirement for a while would they?

The three-time Would Champion, well on the way to a fourth successive title, Vettel has suggested that retirement could be on his mind.

Vettel does have a long-term contract with Red Bull, however he’s admitted in an interview with Motorsport-Total that his future could be away from F1 in five-years, or at least with a different team: ‘Maybe I won’t be driving in five years because I’m tired of it.

‘Maybe in five years I’ll be with another team because I feel like a different challenge.
‘Everyone evolves over the years and priorities shift.’

The 25-year-old German has achieved so much in the sport, and wouldn’t be bet against winning more Championships in these coming years.

Whilst the implication might have been given that he could move on from Red Bull he has reiterated that he’s very happy with his current team and whilst he ?cannot imagine going elsewhere? he’s fully away that nothing lasts forever and even if there is ?no reason to go? it doesn’t mean he’ll stay with the team ?forever?.

He added: ‘At the moment I’m very comfortable and cannot imagine going somewhere else at some stage.

‘The car is fast, the team is good. I currently see no reason to go but that doesn’t mean I would stay forever.’

In all honesty, if you stop and think about it, is Vettel really saying anything that as much as it might not have been in the forefront of anybodies mind isn’t something that might have been thought about, albeit briefly, by most at some point?

You couldn’t imagine Vettel racing for anyone other than Red Bull so I’d think that when he parts with them that will be it for him and motor racing, but as the German has spelt out you can never say never!

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