Date: 22nd June 2016 at 9:30am
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Formula One tyre supplier Pirelli have announced the drivers selections for the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

The three tyre compounds available are the yellow-marked soft, the red-marked supersoft, and the purple-marked ultrasoft.

As ever there have been slight variances amongst the teams and drivers over what combination of tyres will work best for them, whether more of the more durable but potentially slower soft tyre will benefit them or more of the faster, ultra-soft tyre which could suffer with the most degradation.

At Mercedes, both championship leader Nico Rosberg and team-mate Lewis Hamilton have gone for 8 sets of the ultra-soft tyre.

However Hamilton has gone with 1 less super-soft, to give him 2 sets of the soft tyre, with Rosberg only having 1 set at his disposal.

The Manor team of Wehrlein and Haryanto have gone with the same selection as Rosberg.

At Ferrari, they like Rosberg have gone with just 1 set of soft tyres, but like Hamilton they have gone for 3 sets of super-soft which gives them both 9 sets of ultra-soft tyres.

The only driver to also go with that combination is Palmer at Renault.

Renault team-mate Magnussen is the only other driver to also have 9 sets of ultra-soft tyre, but he opted for 2 sets of super-soft, to give him 2 sets of the soft tyre.

At Williams, Massa and Bottas have once again got split selections. Both have 7 sets of the ultra-soft tyre, but Massa has 2 sets of soft and 4 sets of super-soft, whilst Bottas has 1 set of soft and 5 sets of super-soft.

Massa’s combination has been replicated by both drivers at Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso and Ericsson at Sauber.

Force India duo Hulkenberg and Perez, along with Sauber’s Nasr and McLaren’s Button and Alonso have all gone with 3 sets of soft, 3 sets of super-soft and 7 sets of ultra-soft.

The final combinations are at Haas where both drivers have gone with just the 6 sets of ultra-soft, giving Grosjean 2 sets of soft and 5 sets of super-soft, whilst Gutierrez has 3 sets of soft and 4 sets of super-soft.

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