Date: 21st October 2014 at 8:39am
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Formula One’s tyre manufacturer Pirelli have altered their compound selections for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Pirelli had made their compound selections for the final three Grand Prix of the season, with the Italian manufacturer’s decision seeing the medium tyre paired with the hard tyre.

However due resurfacing work carried out at Interlagos, Pirelli have opted to change the compounds and will now pair the medium compound with the soft tyre.

It means the hard tyre, which was last used at Monza will not be used again this season.

?We?ve always said that we would be open to any changes if they were required,? said Pirelli?s Motorsport Director Paul Hembery to Sky Sports.

?After further technical analysis of the impact of the revised circuit surface, together with a risk assessment suggesting a low probability of compound overheating due to extreme track temperatures, we have made this change with the unanimous agreement of all 11 teams.?

Tyre compounds for 2014

Australia – soft, medium
Malaysia – medium, hard
Bahrain – soft, medium
China – soft, medium
Spain – medium, hard
Monaco – supersoft, soft
Canada – supersoft, soft
Austria – supersoft, soft
Great Britain – medium, hard
Germany – supersoft, soft
Hungary – soft, medium
Belgium – soft, medium
Italy – medium, hard
Singapore – supersoft, soft
Japan – medium, hard
Russia – soft, medium
USA – soft, medium
Brazil – soft, medium
Abu Dhabi – super soft, soft