Date: 6th May 2013 at 8:07pm
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Formula One teams have got their wish, they will be handed an extra set of tyres to increase running time during both Free Practice One and Two.

One of the regular complaints since teams were limited with the number of sets of tyres that they can use over a weekend has been the lack of on track time that the drivers now have.

This is both a negative for the teams, who do not get as much track time as they’d wish in order to set their cars up perfectly for both qualifying and the race and of course for the paying fan at the track and the television audience.

An extra set of tyres from Pirelli should help this scenario, we still will not see cars running for the full sessions unnecessarily due to teams not wanting to put unneeded miles on their engines, but it should be a step in the right direction.

Pirelli have developed a ‘protoype’ hard compound for the Friday sessions, which should prove to have much more durability to increase on track time for the teams [The protoype compound tyre will have no identifiable colour markings].

‘As permitted by the current regulations, we’ll be supplying an extra set of prototype hard compound tyres for free practice [beginning in Barcelona], which will hopefully ensure that all the cars run throughout these sessions,’ said Pirelli’s motorsport boss Paul Hembery to Sky Sports.

‘It’s something we wanted to do to encourage all the teams to run as much as possible right from the start, especially with the rookie drivers, to give fans the spectacle they deserve to see.’