Date: 15th September 2014 at 8:46am
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Formula One’s tyre manufacturer Pirelli have made their compound selections for the Grand Prix in Japan and Russia.

The Italian manufacturer’s decision process couldn’t have been more different for these two races.

The Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka is one of the most iconic races of the season, steeped in history with famous turns like the 130R.

For this race Pirelli have selected the white lined medium compound, alongside the orange lined hard compound. The two hardest compounds available.

?high speeds, high abrasion and fast corners? were the reasons behind the selection Pirelli told Sky Sports adding that Suzuka ?is one of the most demanding tracks of the year in terms of lateral energy’.

For the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi Pirelli had to make their decision based on work in the simulator as this is the first time the event has taken place.

Pirelli have opted for the medium compound tyres along side the yellow lined soft compound.

?The choice for the brand-new Sochi circuit in Russia is much more complex, as there has not yet been any representative running on the track,?

?However, using simulation data, Pirelli engineers have calculated that the most suitable choice should be P Zero White medium and P Zero Yellow soft, a combination that is capable of covering a wide range of conditions.?
Pirelli said.