Date: 2nd August 2016 at 1:53pm
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Over the course of Monday and Tuesday, Ferrari were testing the newly designed wider Pirelli tyres for 2017.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Red Bull Racing will taking over testing duties at Mugello.

The new wider tyres are being introduced because visually they look more exciting and practically, they should see lap times improve with the cars going around 5 seconds a lap faster [thanks in part to other regulation changes as well].

The new front tyres will measure 60mm wider than the current tyres, whilst the rear tyres will be 80mm wider.

The new tyres will also be more durable, enabling the drivers to push harder on all of the tyre compounds to hopefully improve the spectacle which often sees drivers having to be too cautious to protect their tyres.

To test the tyres more accurately, Ferrari ran a 2015 car modified to simulate 2017 downforce levels. The test over the first couple of days included dry and wet running on an artificially wet track.