Date: 26th April 2013 at 8:45am
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Formula One tyre manufacturer Pirelli will introduce a new hard tyre when the F1 season resumes in Spain next month.

A lot of the teams have complained about the new Pirelli compound tyres for the new season, with everyone struggling with degradation and some drivers even suffering tyre failures and punctures.

Following consultation with the teams, Pirelli have now announced that they will be changing the hard compound tyre, but leaving the remaining compounds unchanged.

Pirelli believe that this will continue to offer the teams a number of different tyre strategies throughout a race weekend, but will hopefully resolve the extreme issues some of the teams have faced.

‘After evaluating tyre performance over the balance of the first four races, we took the decision – in consultation with all of the teams – to change the hard compound from Spain onwards, as we did in Barcelona two years ago when we also introduced a new hard tyre for the rest of the season,’ Pirelli’s motorsport boss Paul Hembery said in a statement to Sky Sports.

‘This latest version of the hard compound is much closer to the 2012 tyre, with the aim of giving the teams more opportunity to run a wider range of strategies in combination with the other compounds, which remain unchanged.’

In Spain the hard tyre will be partnered with the medium compound. While in Monaco Pirelli will continue with the Supersoft and Soft pairing that they have used in previous years.

For Canada the Supersoft will be used alongside the Medium tyre.