Date: 30th June 2015 at 9:56am
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Formula One’s official tyre supplier Pirelli may request more Formula One testing in a bid to change their tyre compounds for 2016.

As it stands Formula One has limited testing both in-season and out-of-season.

The reason behind this appears to be two fold, it’s a bid to lower costs, because the more running you do, the more engines, gearboxes, electronics a team is going to use and break.

A second symptom is probably a competition element, as set testing sessions allow all teams to have the same track time.

But it has seen a negative affect on the racing.

From a teams perspective, it’s a slower process to improve your car and thus, close the competition.

For Pirelli, its hard to develop new compound tyres without knowing how the rubber reacts when used by all of the different teams.

For 2016 Formula One would like to see more aggressive tyres once again, to mix up the pit strategy rather than one-stop races, but to do this, they need more data.

?The teams are saying we want tyres that are more aggressive, more grip, and that?s a bit of a late request. That means we?re going to have to ask for some more testing at some stage because this sort of thing?s a fine balance. Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery told Sky Sports.

?You get it slightly wrong and you?re on the one-stop races that you?ve seen in the last three [races] and people are complaining actually and saying we need the balance to go back a bit to where we were maybe a couple of years ago.?

?All the teams have been asking us to go back to being more aggressive and felt the racing when there was an element of strategy involved with tyres was more interesting and the product supplied for the public was better.