Date: 6th July 2012 at 9:39am
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Hardly surprising that on a British based Formula One website that its mainly British based users have backed a Brit to win at Silverstone this weekend!

The McLaren team should be strong this weekend, with both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button hopefully in contention to win their second race of the 2012 Formula One World Championship.

The sheer pace of Red Bull at Valencia may have got everyone talking, but not matter the weather, the McLaren’s always look to put on a strong showing at their home Grand Prix and our VitalF1 users have back Hamilton to take the victory!

Full Results

Lewis Hamilton 22%

Fernando Alonso 21%

Sebastian Vettel 21%

Bruno Senna 18%

Kimi Raikkonen 6%

Jenson Button 3%

Romain Grosjean 3%

Michael Schumacher 3%

Mark Webber 3%

Past Results

Who will win in Valencia?

Lewis Hamilton 40%

Kimi Raikkonen 15%

Fernando Alonso 15%

Eventual Winner: Fernando Alonso

Who will win the Canadian Grand Prix?

Fernando Alonso 28%

Michael Schumacher 27%

Lewis Hamilton 18%

Eventual Winner: Lewis Hamilton

Who will win the Monaco Grand Prix?

Fernando Alonso 35%

Lewis Hamilton 23%

Kimi Raikkonen 11%

Eventual Winner: Mark Webber

Who will win the Spanish Grand Prix?

Fernando Alonso 27%

Lewis Hamilton 18%

Sebastian Vettel 18%

Eventual Winner: Pastor Maldonado

Who will win the Bahrain Grand Prix?

Michael Schumacher 27%

Lewis Hamilton 24%

Jenson Button 20%

Eventual Winner: Sebastian Vettel

Who will win the Chinese Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton 30%

Jenson Button 18%

Fernando Alonso 15%

Eventual Winner: Nico Rosberg

Who will win in Malaysia?

Jenson Button 35%

Lewis Hamilton 16%

Michael Schumacher 16%

Eventual Winner: Fernando Alonso

Who will win the Australian GP?

Lewis Hamilton 28%

Sebastian Vettel 23%

Jenson Button 16%

Eventual Winner: Jenson Button.

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