Date: 9th May 2013 at 9:29am
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So far this season Kimi Raikkonen has taken a clean sweep of the Vital F1 polls and that hasn’t changed.

Prior to every race we ask who you think will win the upcoming Grand Prix, ahead of the Australian Grand Prix it looked like our Vital F1 users picked an inspired choice as the 2007 Formula One World Champion drove off to win the opening race of the season.

However with Raikkonen topping every poll since we’re now not so certain, perhaps we just have a lot of Iceman fans on Vital F1???

Who will win the Spanish GP?

Raikkonen 50%

Alonso 40%

Hamilton 6%

Massa 1%

Vettel 1%

Button 1%

Someone else 1%

Past Results

Who will win the Bahrain GP?

Raikkonen 46%, Alonso 20%, Vettel 12%

Eventual Winner: Vettel

Who will win the Chinese GP?

Raikkonen 43%, Hamilton 16%, Alonso 13%

Eventual Winner: Alonso

Who will win the Malaysian GP?

Raikkonen 36%, Alonso 27%, Vettel 27%

Eventual Winner: Vettel

Who will win the Australia GP

Raikkonen 41%, Alonso 18%, Button 15%

Eventual Winner: Raikkonen

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