Date: 19th April 2016 at 11:10am
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For anyone listening to team radio and wondering why Sebastian Vettel was so apologetic for the incident with Kimi Raikkonen, you have to look no further than the presence of Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne in the garage.

The first corner incident was nothing more than a racing incident, it wasn’t Sebastian Vettel’s fault and despite all of the allegations from the German it wasn’t Red Bull Racing’s Daniil Kvyat’s fault either.

But of all the races to see contract between the two Ferrari’s this one, with him watching on was not it.

‘He knows motor racing, so of course he was not happy, As I was not happy. He saw the race but in certain circumstances, what can you do? You can say, many, many things. Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene told

But the pressure isn’t coming just from Marchionne, but from Arrivabene himself.

2016 was suppose to be the year that Ferrari took the fight to Mercedes for regular race victories and perhaps the Formula One World Championship.

But despite all of the issues for Lewis Hamilton, neither Vettel or Raikkonen have been able to nudge Nico Rosberg off of the top step of the podium.

‘We touch all the different stairs of the podium ? and now I have had enough. It is better to touch the highest position of the podium.

‘Is it bad luck? Of course it is frustrating when things happen and you know you have a good car. But most probably we need to continue to persist and sooner or later ? I hope sooner ? the first stair of the podium will come.