Date: 10th December 2017 at 10:02am
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Historically Ferrari have been well known for establishing a pecking order within their team.

Whilst in recent years Mercedes have been praised for allowing their drivers to race, this had been because their car was head and shoulders above their rivals.

To a certain extent, Red Bull Racing also held this same ethos of allowing their drivers to race, up until a point.

McLaren have famously allowed their drivers to race, even to the point when it has a detrimental affect on the team.

But at Ferrari, they have seemingly always had a number one driver and number two driver that supporters the team leader.

In 2017, that was clearly Sebastian Vettel as the team leader with Kimi Raikkonen the number two.

Many people in the paddock would claim the only reason Kimi still holds a drive in the Formula One is because he has been willing to play this role.

But will 2018 be the year that all changes?

Has the 2007 Formula One World Champion and the last person to win a title for Ferrari, had enough of backing up Sebastian Vettel?

‘I want to be fighting at the front every weekend and be able to fight for the championship next year,’ Raikkonen told Sky Sports.

‘The aim is to do better, to fight for wins and championships. That what as a team we want to do and as a driver I want to do.’

He concluded: ‘We have all the people, all the tools and a great car. We will try to do the same work we always do, try and win races and we start from zero next season so hopefully we will be up there.

‘We all start from zero and it depends on many things over the winter and over testing.

‘At the beginning of the year, we will get some idea of where we’re going to be and we will see in the first races what will happen.’