Date: 3rd November 2015 at 9:25am
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For the second time in three races Kimi Raikkonen collided with Finnish compatriot Valterri Bottas.

At the Russian Grand Prix the Ferrari driver went for an ambitious lunge down the inside on the final lap of the race, the result was leaving the Williams in the tyre barrier.

Raikkonen was given a post-race time penalty for the incident a result which dropped him down the standings and consequently won Mercedes the 2015 Formula One Constructors championship.

In Mexico, the two drivers were once again battling for position.

The duo had battled through turn three before attempting to go side-by-side through turns four and five.

Bottas had taken to the outside of turn four, which gave him the inside line on turn five, he was only three-quarters alongside Kimi when he locked up attempting to avoid the collision, whilst Kimi came straight across Bottas.

The Ferrari suffered a broken right-rear suspension in the contact, whilst Bottas was unharmed and went on to finish third.

The race stewards judged the collision as a racing incident and took no further action, whilst many in the media believed it was once again Kimi’s fault.

The 2007 Formula One World Champion however had other ideas and claimed Bottas had room to avoid the collision.

‘I don’t think it helps or changes anything [to discuss the clash], There was not much room, but if you go over the kerb on the inside then there is enough room. he told Autosport Magazine.

‘It’s pointless to go through this – one guy will say it’s his fault, one guy will say it’s my fault,’

‘What are you trying to find, somebody to blame? It doesn’t help anybody.