Date: 7th April 2016 at 11:16am
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Red Bull Racing and Renault proved to be the perfect partnership when things were going well.

Four consecutive drivers and constructors doubles were achieved prior to the change to V6 Turbo-Hybrid engines, which Renault played a big part in, firstly pushing for and subsequently writing the new regulations.

But it didn’t work out well, 2014 was a poor season despite three victories and 2015 was worse.

This led to Red Bull Racing trying to strike a deal with either Mercedes, Ferrari or Honda.

But after all three rejected them for varying reasons, Red Bull were forced to repair the broken relationship with Renault.

For 2016, the French manufacturer will supply the team with power-units, but they will be branded under the title sponsor of TAG Heuer.

During pre-season Red Bull Racing appeared to make a considered effort to not refer to Renault by name and solely referred to them as their ‘engine partner’.

But now it seems the relationship is improving, aided obviously by an improved power-unit by the French manufacturer.

‘I think we are in a better position than 12 months ago. Progress is being made with the power unit and regulation changes are happening for 2017 already on the chassis side. And there is a lot of discussion going on about the power unit situation for the future. So there is a much different outlook than one year ago. ‘ Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner told

Red Bull are hopeful of some development towards the middle of the season and an improved platform to race on in 2016.

‘I think they have all the opportunities. Over the last six months they really started to make progress. Now that they have their own team as well their determination and urgency only increased.

Renault are also working with Mario Illien from Ilmor Engineering a partnership introduced by Red Bull Racing.

‘We obviously have introduced Renault to Mario Illien who is now working directly with Renault. That relationship seems to be working well. But we have no technical involvement. Horner said.

‘Whatever Renault benefit from also goes for the TAG Heuer-badged engine.

‘They are both the same. They are identical.