Date: 25th June 2013 at 1:43pm
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Mercedes and Pirelli’s tyre test last month continues to be a messy can of worms.

The punishment handed down by the FIA tribunal to Mercedes appears to be so lenient and ‘unfitting’ to the crime that Red Bull and potentially Ferrari are now open to completely flaunting the rules and holding their own Mercedes style private test.

The ruling last week banned Mercedes from running the three-day young driver test later next month at Silverstone, teams use a young driver to run over the course of three days and last season Mercedes completed almost 1,500 km of testing.

That was oppose to the 1,000 km of testing that Mercedes completed using first team drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton last month, although of course they were not in complete control of the test as Pirelli were supplying the tyres and completing their own program for tyre development.

In a case of throwing their toys of the pram, Red Bull and Ferrari are now contemplating rebelling against the FIA in the wake of the test ban handed to Mercedes.

While Red Bull have remained quiet following the announcement, Ferrari mocked the decision on their official website: ‘It is somewhat perplexing to say the least to see that the guilty party can get away virtually scot free for having derived ‘an unfair sporting advantage.’

But according to the Times, it is Red Bull who are leading the way with the so-called rebellion, as they are considering ‘boycotting the young drivers’ test to set up their private session.

Red Bull and Ferrari have reportedly approached Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone as ‘they would take the risk of a reprimand – the punishment meted out to Mercedes – for the benefit of three days of testing.’