Date: 30th May 2012 at 9:24am
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The team from Milton Keynes had a demanding race from both drivers and strategists

The team from Milton Keynes had a demanding race from both drivers and strategists who knew any tiny error could put them down from maximum. Though Webber had an impeccable start, he was no further than two seconds from the Mercedes of Rosberg who could creep in anytime if Webber had lost a bit.

In that way, he handled the pressure pretty well not pushing too hard to make his tyres fall off from the cliff. He didn?t panic when the chasing pack tried to get closer to the leading pack of him and Nico. He called his stop just at the right time after mastering through the clean air affecting no aero performance from his car.

Rain often announced its threat of arrival which would have helped Vettel more who had the longest first stint on soft tyres. Sprinkles of rain left Webber unfazed as he admitted that he had no time to relax right from the beginning.

The pace of RB8 was outstanding on all of 78 laps helped Vettel to crawl back five places in the painfully slow Grand Prix of Monaco. Vettel had the chance to push after making his stop for super softs. He jumped Massa and with the fresh rubber able to gain on struggling Lewis Hamilton to finish right behind podium.

Meanwhile, Webber had to battle it out until the chequered flag fell with only 1.343s between him and fourth placed Vettel. Becoming the first Redbull driver to have won it twice in their triplet success around the principality with some acrobatics in the floating energy station?s pool.

Redbull were no stranger under pressure but they play it hard on managing their drivers sometimes getting it too hard at times. Though queries raised on newly adapted Floor Cut-outs claiming they were impervious it was deemed legal by the FIA.

They lead both championships literally by just few points. The idiosyncrasies style of Redbull putting them on a strong position to snatch the trophy in Montreal where they struggled under heavy rain last year leaving Jenson to announce his title hopes.

With being the first team to win twice this season; they have all reasons to smile about hoping for an auspicious Sunday once again in Canada.

Author: Suren F1

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