Date: 22nd October 2015 at 9:06am
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French manufacturer Renault have finally upgraded their engine for the first time during the 2015 Formula One World Championship.

Whilst Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda have used their development tokens at different stages of the season, Renault had stayed with the same specification engine throughout the entire season.

However they have now come to the paddock with a revised engine, using 11 of their remaining 12 tokens, a develop which Renault hope will give more power and efficiency.

The problem for Renault’s customer teams Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso is that due to the teams exceeding the season’s allocation of engines, if they were to take the new specification engines that the drivers would be forced to take a grid penalty.

But perhaps some short term hurt will provide some medium turn gain as if Red Bull Racing are in a position where they have to reconcile with Renault for next season following the rejections from Mercedes and Ferrari, then a willingness to work with Renault will have to be shown by the bosses at Red Bull.

‘We will have our new specification of power unit available to use in Austin,’ said Renault’s director of operations Remi Taffin to Sky Sports.

‘The principal changes involve the internals of the ICE [internal combustion engine] to give improved power and efficiency.

‘We know that introducing the new PU [power unit] will incur a grid penalty so the decision to use will be made in full consultation with the teams.’