Date: 15th April 2015 at 10:09am
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After all of the unfounded accusations thrown at Lewis Hamilton by Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg, Hamilton has responded in the only way he knows; Attack.

During the Chinese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton maintained a lead of two seconds over Nico Rosberg all whilst preserving his tyres to optimise his race strategy of running two stints on the soft tyre ahead of the final stint on the harder compound.

Rosberg didn’t like this and radioed his team to claim that Hamilton was driving too slowly, compromising his race and backing him into a threat from behind from Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari.

During the race Hamilton was told to speed up, which he did, increasing his lead to four seconds, a lead which was maintained and not closed by Rosberg.

After the race Rosberg continued his accusations, however he received no backing from his Mercedes team bosses who absolved Hamilton.

But for Hamilton that’s not enough and he has now accused Nico Rosberg of not trying to win the race.

‘Nico didn’t try, They said maybe he was just comfortable second, and I said ‘Well, that’s the difference between us. I want to win always’.

‘I would have done everything to get past, or at least pushed for three laps if I could.’
Hamilton told Sky Sports.

‘If you take a step back, this is motor racing man. Racing. Don’t take away the fun of the racing. It’s racing, If I was in second or third, I would have done everything. I wouldn’t have sat back two seconds to make it to the end of the stint.

‘Of course you want to get to the end of the stint, but if I thought I had more pace, I would have tried to have got past, because that’s the best part.’