Date: 23rd January 2017 at 7:31am
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Nico Rosberg will go down in the history books as the 2016 Formula One World Champion.

But it’s most likely, that he will be nothing more than a footnote in the memory for Formula One spectators and fans.

The German will be remembered as one of the most fortunate champions in Formula One history, not winning the championship through talent but more for the reliability of his car over his team-mates.

He won fewer races than Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton, but clinched the title due to the lost points of Hamilton due to reliability rather than his own driving.

The similarities with his fathers championship are quite striking, he too won the championship winning fewer races than his rivals.

In 1982 over a 16 race season, Keke Rosberg won only one race the Swiss Grand Prix, whilst Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, Didier Pironi, John Watson and René Arnoux all won two races apiece.

That opened up the title for Rosberg who clinched the championship by 5 points ahead of John Watson and Didier Pironi, who coincidently didn’t start the final 5 Grand Prix of the season after a career ending crash in testing.

Some would argue, that Keke Rosberg was the least deserving champion of his era and now Nico has followed those exact footsteps.

The decision to retire with immediate effect, only compounds that feeling amongst supporters and pundits.

?I admire that Nico had the courage of his convictions to say ?This is the high point, I?m going to jump off now because I?ve achieved everything I wanted to?. It?s a bold and brave decision in that respect. Sky Sports Formula One commentator Martin Brundle told

?But where?s the passion, where?s the commitment, to show the world again you?re the best in this amazing car, this amazing team? Most of us [drivers] would have given anything to drive that car for just one season in our careers.

?If you do get to the peak, enjoy the view and the jubilation of descent ? don?t take the lift down or the first emergency exit!

?I don?t get it. But full respect to him, and you can?t question that, it?s his decision. But that doesn?t mean I understand it.?