Date: 10th July 2012 at 9:56am
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Who’s keeping score of how many incidents Pastor Maldonado has been involved in this season?

Who’s keeping score of how many incidents Pastor Maldonado has been involved in this season?

Another incident can be added to the tally from the British GP. Lewis Hamilton must be relieved that this time, it wasn’t at his expense. I wonder if Hamilton swung by the Sauber garage after the race to console Perez?

The Williams driver from Venezuela is in an interesting position. He finds himself at Williams in large part because of the funding from the Venezuelan government which kicks millions from its state owned PDVSA Petroleum conglomerate. Let us not forget that he is the 2010 GP2 champion, so he has some credentials to back himself up. His seat is not guaranteed, but it would be difficult for the Grove based team to simply drop the impetuous youth and the money that comes with him.

Maldonado is no angel. He has a bit of a reputation for his aggressive style. He has twice now, in two GPs, been involved in incidents that have ended the day for two of his fellow drivers. He sees no reason to change his style and has had no problems telling the media that. He has had an excuse or rather explanation for each incident which it seems, he firmly believes. The stewards at Silverstone saw it fitting to slap his wrists with a fine and a reprimand, hardly a deterrent. I personally don’t believe they imparted the fear of God, as it were, into him.

Some of you reading this may not be aware that Pastor was banned for four races a few years back for an incident that seriously injured a race marshal in Monaco [Renault World Series in 2005]. He failed to slow as he approached a crash scene, which caused the injury to the marshal and also earned him a lifetime ban from racing in the streets of Monaco.

How is this possible? You might ask, after seeing him race at Monaco since. It is understood that there may have been some agreement and/or monetary exchange in order for that ban to be considered void [Germany’s Bild newspaper has revealed that Maldonado’s wealthy father paid for the marshal’s recovery and rehabilitation from a broken back]. I confirm nothing however as I have no solid evidence. Only speculation and the word of a few close friends in tight F1 circles.

Is Pastor’s reputation quickly becoming a reality and danger to fellow drivers, or is he no different than countless questionably aggressive drivers (one Michael Schumacher for example) before him.

Where do you stand? Should he continue racing in his ‘Kamikaze Ide’ style or should Pastor be set out to pasture…

Author: Ernie Black



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