Date: 13th April 2012 at 6:49am
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There are some decisions that need to be made in plenty of time.

There are some decisions that need to be made in plenty of time. The Bahrain Grand Prix is scheduled to take place in under 2 weeks and we have still not had a definitive answer as to whether it will go ahead or not. How can this be right?

This is clearly a sensitive political issue and I for one, am not qualified to speak on whether Formula One should take place in Bahrain or not. However, one thing I will voice my opinion on is that Bernie Ecclestone should have given everyone a clear and unequivocal statement as to what is going on. Are you seriously asking me to believe that the situation will change that dramatically, for better or worse, in just a few days as to influence any decision? Teams need to prepare, drivers need to prepare, fans need to prepare, Bahrain needs to prepare. How has it come to this?

I am clearly not privy to the details of contracts drawn up at the highest level of Formula One, but as in any sport, the fans must come first. Leaving them on tenterhooks right up until the last minute is both frustrating and downright out of order. I am aware that Formula One makes a lot of money from the Bahrain Grand Prix, and seeing as it was cancelled last year, whether it is to be held or not this year is a big decision. Irrespective of this, this cannot be allowed to happen again.

Bernie. In future, if there is doubt thrown upon a race, the doubts must be eradicated within a certain timescale of the race taking place. Make this a clear rule to every race organiser around the world. Formula One is a massive sport and it is unbecoming for it to pander to people until the last minute for any reason. If you are convinced that a race can go ahead, then come out and say it, don?t let the inevitable media rumour mill take over. By the same token, if the race cannot, then stand up and let everyone know why. Everyone then knows where they stand, and we can move on.

Rant over.

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