Date: 29th December 2015 at 11:15am
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Pastor Maldonado believes that the Formula One race stewards are harder on him due to his reputation.

The Venezuelan has picked up a number of nicknames during his eventful Formula One career.

He even has his own dedicated website entitled which has a clock timing since his last race incident.

The most frequently used nickname is of course, ‘Crashtor’, which is pretty self explanatory, however Crashtor, sorry, Pastor believes it’s harsh and he also thinks the punishments he receives are also unfair.

‘All the other drivers crash, all the other drivers have incidents and nothing happens. Look at Bottas and Kimi, twice, and it’s a simple racing incident. I have a stupid contact and everybody goes ‘Agghh…” said Maldonado according to Motorsport Magazine.

‘It’s very difficult for the stewards because they are always different. So it’s very difficult to value the same in different races, It’s not that they don’t like me or not. I know all of them and they are just doing their jobs. But sometimes they have different views than the other races.

‘I’ve seen so many incidents during the year and maybe they weren’t that hard with their decisions.

‘Sometimes with me they are a bit harder. It’s part of the game. It’s the same in football.’

Maldonado cannot have too much to complain about though as his £28 million a year to Lotus [now Renault] through Venezuela?s state oil company PDVSA has ensured his place on the grid for the 2016 Formula One World Championship.