Date: 20th December 2012 at 8:42am
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Could Formula One be moving into Thailand in the not so distant future?

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone certainly seems to think so and when the 82-year-old is set on something he usually gets his way.

‘They say 2014 and I say 2015. It is serious and it is good,’ Ecclestone told the Wall Street Journal as quoted by Sky Sports.

He is talking about a proposed night race around the streets of Bangkok, which of course would be a spectacular backdrop to any race track.

Importantly, funding appears to already be in place with 60% of the annual fee covered by the Thailand government.

The remainder comes from private companies with Asian brewery Singha and Red Bull reportedly set to contribute the remaining 40%.

If the race does get the go ahead it will be yet another new country that Formula One visits, with Russia set to join the Formula One calendar in 2014.

With two new countries set to be included in the Formula One schedule, the pressure will be on the European tracks who are at risk of losing their Formula One races in the future.