Date: 11th May 2012 at 9:10am
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With Sky Sports and the BBC going head-to-head for the second time this season, we thought we’d bring you this feature from ‘Motorsport Reflections’.

With Sky Sports and the BBC going head-to-head for the second time this season, we thought we’d bring you this feature from ‘Motorsport Reflections’.

The first part analyses Sky Sports F1 coverage March, while the second part analyses BBC F1 from earlier this month.

Since the split coverage between BBC and Sky the debate on the Vital F1 forum has been mixed. To join the BBC debate, click here, to join the Sky debate, click here.

The Battle Of The Broadcasters ? Part 2: BBC

The BBC has attempted to step up their game from their 2011 coverage. This is a challenge all on its own. But for the BBC channel, they have the added task of continuing their award winning coverage whilst condensing half the races into two hour highlights. This is a challenge they accepted and ultimately won. Effectively, the highlights show all the action and miss out the boring sections i.e. no overtaking manoeuvres or incidents. Therefore you don?t lose much, if any, of the important parts of the race.

They have kept their trio of Humphrey, Coulthard and EJ and added Ben Edwards into the mix. Coulthard and Edwards commentate during the races and their excitement and passion come across with ease. ?@skinfeeling said, Ben Edwards was #BBCF1?s only saving grace. DC and Anderson sounded dull. Will continue to be @SkySportsF1 for me? They have also introduced Gary Anderson but he does not quite have the same effect as Kravitz. Anderson clearly has the knowledge but comes across as slightly bored. ?@Slywheel said, commentary perfection for BBCF1 with Ben Edwards feeling the excitement of all the overtaking and conveying that to us brilliantly.?

A very welcome addition to the BBC family is former Toro Rosso driver, Jaime Alguersuari who co-presents 5 Live with Jenny Gow and James Allen. His recent experience and understanding of the sport adds a unique aspect which Sky is lacking. Sky has ex-Formula One drivers, Brundle, Davidson, and Hill, but they do not have up-to-date knowledge and recent experience competiting in modern-day F1.

With the financial difference between Sky and the BBC clearly indicates that Sky have spare pocket change to create strong, trendy graphics. The BBC therefore have to rely on cheaper, more inventive ways to compete and still keep the coverage entertaining. The graphics are clearly nothing to shout about but they have made things clearer and their features still remain lengthy, funny and well and truly enjoyable. ?@MSCfan said, I think Sky try to do too many short features, whereas BBC do longer but not so many features.?

The main problem with BBC?s coverage is the fact that they cannot show all of the races live or all the way through. This is obviously not their fault, but as an avid fan of the sport, I much prefer seeing the entire races all the way through, from start to finish. No matter how boring it could be. Due to Sky holding the rights to the entire season as well as its own dedicated channel, gives them a huge advantage that the BBC cannot compete with. ?@ST03VEN said, to be honest there isn?t much in it. I prefer the commentators on Sky, the dedicated channel and I can watch it on SKYGO on my phone.?

My Verdict??

I was angry when I first heard that F1 was sold to Sky and concerned that I would miss out on the sport that I loved the most. After watching the Sky coverage, I will admit, I was incredibly jealous and wanted to get the channel because they actually put on a great show.

But then I saw what the BBC were offering with their highlights package. I was amazed how well and how much they had achieved despite them losing out. Over the past four races, it has occurred to me that I do not miss Brundle as I expected I would. Edwards has exceeded my expectations and the chemistry between himself and Coulthard creates a dream team.

Would I like to see every minuscule piece of action? Of course I would! But the BBC feels like home. Although I enjoyed the Sky coverage, I missed the BBC trio and it did not feel the same without the added entertainment of EJ?s shirts to liven things up. I am more than happy to stick with the BBC with their extended highlights. The BBC gets my vote.

?@erbins said, Well considering #BBCF1 was trending on Twitter all morning and #SkyF1 didn?t says it all.?

Author: Christina Eades



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