Date: 29th October 2013 at 8:47am
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I have recently been on holiday to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I have recently been on holiday to Dubai and Abu Dhabi

I was lucky enough to be part of the last tour before the circuit was closed for the Abu Dhabi F1 held on the 1st – 3rd November and have a close up look at the track in the final build up one week before next weekend?s race.

The track surface was blisteringly hot in parts reaching up to 45 degrees with the outside temperature maintaining a sweltering 37 degrees Celsius from sunrise to sunset.

This proves to show the unbearable heat that drivers have to endure throughout the 55 lap race not to mention the tyres.

The start leads to a short burst into a left hand turn with drivers reaching 180 mph before hard breaking to make a left turn before the sun tower (a solar powered VIP tower looking like an air traffic control tower) look out for that on the right!

The turquoise flanked track swings round making a lazy S shape before reducing their speed from 180 down to 45 mph to take the sharp 180 degree bend encased by the North stand with its premium views of decelerating cars transiting to hard acceleration into the first DRS zone at 1.2 kilometre straight.. they then touch speeds of up to 200 mph with minimum drag as the DRS is slammed open.

As late as is possible the brakes slam on avoiding wheel lock up into a hard left again in front of the West Grandstand pulling in excess of 4.3 G known only to racing car drivers and fighter pilots.

Then take the chicane avoiding the raised orange bumps on the elbows of the turns that could easily see an end to anyone?s race. They then come out onto the second DRS zone as they hit 196 mph before yet another chicane as all of the incomprehensibly expensive super-yachts on their right side.

They then begin sector three where last year Rosberg and Karthikeyan had a terrible crash. They then begin to go under the beautiful five star resort hotel called the Viceroy that overlooks and spans the track, the roof encasing glass canopy changes colour to racing colours at the end of the race, but don?t think of stopping for lunch unless you have a wallet the size of Hamilton?s.

As they venture underneath the track they take a left getting very close to the barriers before a double right hander to re start the lap.

This 55 lap race is in my humble opinion is the best race on the Formula 1 calendar and is one I would advise any formula one fan to watch.

Though the drivers championship may have been decided Sunday in a clammy overcast India ? this race is the one to watch!

I hope this gives you an insight into next weekend?s race.

Jake Elsworth The Blue helmet reporting for Vital F1.

As you no doubt know – motor homes and hospitality suites are NOT allowed to Yas Marina instead on the Sheiks insistence behind the pits are 11 luxury ‘velas’ the first on the row is Red Bulls and here I am taking in the view of the 5 star Viceroy hotel that straddles the track.

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