Date: 15th March 2012 at 9:15am
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As fans, many of us hate the off-season.

As fans, many of us hate the off-season.

We simply cannot wait for the roar of the engines to start again, that anticipation that comes with every Grand Prix weekend and the excitement of the moment when those light go out on race day.

For those involved in the sport, this little break is all they have to really spend any quality time with their families. For much of the rest of the year, they bounce around from country to country on different continents living out of suit cases and sleeping in strange beds.

There isn’t much rest for the staff back at headquarters either, as they work long days for weeks at a stretch, developing and testing ways to claw back fractions of a second.

While we dream of being F1 drivers or team members, travelling the world, dreaming of the money and glamour and fame, we tend to forget the reality of it all. Sure all those things are true but it’s not all peaches and cream. There is much hard work involved, responsibilities to sponsors and employers and fans and for some, the risk of death.

Much respect must go out to the F1 journalists and reporters that have dedicated their lives the sport. They are sometimes forgotten by the fans that rely on them so much to bring them the action and news that we all crave every day. They perhaps most of all, should be remembered as they don’t all travel first class or stay in the penthouse suites. Long after everyone goes home, they pound away on their keyboards to bring the fans a little closer to the sport we love.

I believe the biggest sacrifice, is that of family. While we in one way or another are all a part of the F1 family, it is our own families that pay that price. Those on the road try to stay in touch via all the wonderful new technology we have now and those left behind hold down the household and anxiously await a phone call every day, so they can go to bed with their hearts at peace.

So as we sit in the comforts of home watching, perhaps surrounded by our families and friends, let us not forget the sacrifices made by those we love to watch. Remember too those made by their families they have left behind.

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Author: Ernie Black



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