Date: 18th February 2018 at 10:26am
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Max Verstappen, the hottest commodity in Formula One has given a damning review of Halo.

The debate over introducing head protection in Formula One really ramped up in January 2016. Formula One racers, via the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association began pushing for the introduction of head protection and from there the Halo was born.

The device has a vertical strut support in front of the driver and two arms curl around the drivers helmet towards the back of the car which provides some protection from debris.

It could potentially prevent tragic circumstances such as the death of Henry Surtees who was killed during a Formula Two race at Brands Hatch in 2009. Or perhaps, Justin Wilson who was killed after he was struck by debris during an Indy Car race.

It’s not clear if it would protect drivers from debris striking their helmet, as was the case when Felipe Massa suffered a head injury when he was struck by a spring that had fallen off Rubens Barrichello’s car during the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying.

But even if there is even a small chance improvement to safety, then device will achieve what it was designed to do.

However, at a time when Formula One is deliberately seeking to look better.

The Halo is deemed as ugly.

Formula One altered the regulations to introduce wider cars, with wider tyres, with lower rear wings, all to add to the show for the cars to look spectacular.

But the current Halo design flys in the face of that.

‘The halo – that will be very ugly, I am not looking forward to that!

‘In general I hope the car will look great and hopefully it is fast. Hopefully it is a good step forward and we have got straight away a good car for the beginning of the year, so we are not really chasing, like we did last year.

‘That is the most important for us.’
Verstappen told Sky Sports.

He continued: ‘Because the halo is quite heavy, it will be more than six kilos, it is definitely not favourable for me, But I am not going to adjust my training for it, because otherwise I won’t feel well during the races. Especially for me being a taller driver and also a bit of a heavier driver than most, it is definitely not ideal.’