Date: 26th August 2015 at 9:36am
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Ferrari rolled the dice and took the gamble on just how far they could push the Pirelli tyres at the Belgian Grand Prix.

With Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in a class of their own at the front in their Mercedes it was a battle for the best of the rest on who would take the final podium position.

Ferrari’s strategy makers opted for a one stop tyre strategy for the four-time Formula One World Champion.

They were the only team to attempt this route and it very nearly worked, with Vettel seemingly set for a podium finish.

But then, just as he exited Eau Rouge and entered the Kemmel straight, his right rear tyre exploded 195mph.

It was a scary moment, to even happen on a straight there are clear risks, but the German could only think what might have happened if it had failed just metres earlier.

?Things like that are not allowed to happen full stop. If it had happened 200 metres earlier I would not be standing here now,? Vettel was quoted by the Mirror.

?I don?t know what else needs to happen? It?s the same answer every time. ?yeah there was a cut, debris, bodywork, the driver went wide?. Bulls**t.?

?Just out of the blue it explodes. If this had happened earlier I?m ****ed?.

Pirelli boss Paul Hembery said that Ferrari one-stop gamble on the tyres was the cause for the accident.

?If you do that with any tyre in the world it?s going to have a problem,? he said.

?If the race had been race one lap less everyone would have said ?what a genius move?.