Date: 29th August 2012 at 9:30am
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In Hungary, we saw an updated McLaren with some good pace.

In Hungary, we saw an updated McLaren with some good pace.

It seems McLaren was back in the driver’s seat where most of the F1 world expected them to be from the start of the season.

I know they have been working very hard on further upgrades and modifications to further develop the car before Spa. The rest of the season is jam packed with back to back races without much breathing room for slip ups or testing.

This season, there has been some activity by some teams to try to understand, mimic or develop a similar double DRS system to which is on the Mercedes. Lotus has experimented with the idea, Ferrari have been said to have had a similar solution in mind if not production and so too now McLaren.

Lotus may choose to run their DDRS solution at Spa which might prompt McLaren to do the same. The solution which helps channel air and stalls the rear wing by way of the front wing is said to allow for higher top speed.

In Belgium, which is a high speed circuit, such a system may offer a distinct advantage. Here’s my thought on this.

Mercedes is the only team really running this system and it hasn’t really yielded any advantage. They have struggled in fact because of it arguably. At this stage of the season with things as tight as they are, is it worth it for these teams to explore and try to perfect a DDRS system?

Is it possible that trying to implement such a system might be their own undoing?

I suppose if you’re in the thick of things, you really have to throw caution to the wind and go for it. Lotus and McLaren certainly appear serious about throwing everything at it including the kitchen sink.

As an armchair critic, I’m not certain I would have spent much time, money and resources chasing DDRS instead of trying to find lost downforce.

But…it’s just a thought.

Author: Ernie Black



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