Date: 17th September 2012 at 8:40am
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The thrilling European leg has ended at Monza and Formula One goes on a world trip for the final flyaway races.

The thrilling European leg has ended at Monza and Formula One goes on a world trip for the final flyaway races. Since going into Italian GP, rumour-mongers have bustled about Hamilton to have secured his future with Mercedes and a deal is imminent. Even non-hardcore F1 viewers would view the contemplation as foolish, Mclaren having a streak of their own: three poles converted to as much wins. But it?s true that Lewis? management is keen at promoting him as a global phenomena alongside Andy Murray and David Beckham for whom they manage affairs of as well.

Mercedes are reported to have put a hefty sum of £60m over three years on the contract to lure Hamilton. With Mclaren?s engine deal getting to a closure with Mercedes and having to build a new car around new rules, it could be a big task for the Woking based side. Hamilton could possibly be the number one driver if the deal is all set and done I suppose.

Thinking outside the box, Jenson Button feels home with Mclaren and despite admitting that his chances on the title are getting skimpy, he sees no reason to yield for Hamilton. Lewis may expect a higher salary if he gets out of Mclaren and in two years the prospect of new engines will come into play. Mclaren let their drivers fight for the title race and to be Jenson?s team-mate is what any young driver would wish for. Although Whitmarsh is confident of Lewis staying put at McLaren and insisted that no plan B is being made for the driver yet. We might see more of it as F1 moves to Singapore in less than a week.

Force India?s Vijay Mallya displayed his intentions to retain his successful line-up but di Resta is highly tipped as a Mclaren driver in case Hamilton chooses to leave. Mallya also said no deals were put in front for Paul and Nico from any top teams. The British team may opt for Resta to keep hold of their ?all British? legacy and to lift the constructors? title, he would be a worthy option. Paul di Resta has announced ahead of Italian GP that he is to be managed full time by The Sports Partnership, a company set up by Jenson Button.

Kovalainen has also been linked with Mclaren who spent a brief period with them in 2008 and 2009 but not so successfully. Though Sauber are happy to run with the current drivers, no word from Sergio yet on where he would suit up after an impressive drive at Monza. Swiss publication Blick has put forward Sergio Perez as Hamilton?s possible replacement after Ferrari decided that he?s too young to pair with Alonso. On a personal note, Hamilton belongs to Mclaren, having being nurtured there since he was a young go-karter. If there is something called loyalty existing in this sport, he would bring back the glory days by staying with the mighty Mclaren.

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