Date: 6th February 2013 at 7:12am
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With Adrian Newey leading the way in regards to car design in Formula One, when Red Bull launch a car the whole of Formula One stops to take a look.

All the teams will launch their cars with a fair amount of optimism, when a new season comes a long with limited regulation changes it’s all about improving on what worked last year.

It’s unlikely that any of the teams would pull the curtain back over a car with a brand new revolutionary design which causes the other teams to look and think ‘how do we copy that?’.

With Red Bull winning their third consecutive constructors world championship and Sebastian Vettel taking a third F1 drivers title, Red Bull are certainly in a position to just improve on what they had last year and that’s exactly what they’ve done with Red Bull design chief Adrian Newey claiming the new RB9 was ‘evolutionary’.

So what has changed? Well the front nose has been altered, which makes it look a lot better in comparison to last year, but it’s not as clean as other teams have designed.

But this isn’t a beauty pageant, so there must be performance issues behind that?

‘We have a vanity panel but it doesn’t extend very far forward otherwise it becomes unjustifiable in weight,’ Newey told the BBC.

‘the devil has very much been in the detail. We tidied up some bits we felt could be improved on. It’s a car in transition, as are all the cars – development is key.’