Date: 9th July 2013 at 9:04am
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Sebastian Vettel won his first German Grand Prix of his career on Sunday and this is the new race recap feature on VitalF1.

Now with the benefit of a video from our advertising partners, we are looking to bring a more condensed recap, to work alongside our more detailed race analysis blogs and reports, giving us the chance to offer something for everyone!

After the race, winner Vettel told ?It was a tough race; it was one of the toughest for a long time. I?m happy the race wasn?t two or three laps longer, as Kimi was a bit quicker towards the end. I?m very happy that it worked out and it?s very special. The team worked really hard to give me the chance to win this weekend and we got it. First of all you have to remember that it?s a privilege to have the opportunity to race in your home country; we have around 20 races, but there are obviously more than 20 countries, so it?s special to race at home and get so much support. I had a good start and then just focused on every single lap during the race. You don?t really think about where you are while you are racing, you can?t allow your mind to drift, but when the flag came out and the race was over I really let myself enjoy the parade lap and saw a lot of people in the grandstands cheering and waving flags. These pictures will remain in my head for a long, long time.?

Second placed Kimi Raikkonen said: ‘We had a pretty good last stint of the race, but the cars are close on performance so it’s difficult to overtake. Maybe some more laps would have helped us, but the race is only 60 laps so you have to do your best with that.

Raikkonen’s Lotus team-mate Romain Grosjean completed the podium and he added: ‘After some difficult races, everything went right today and it was pretty special when I was leading the race and returning to the podium is naturally a good thing. My car felt great on the first stint with the soft tyres and it’s clear that the summer weather really suits us. Hopefully we’ll have a long summer now in Europe! Letting Kimi past at the end of the race was the sensible thing to do as we were on different strategies and he had more of a chance of going for the win than I did at that point. We didn’t know which tyre would be the best at the end of the race, so we didn’t put all our eggs in one basket.’