Date: 26th March 2012 at 11:59am
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Race number two In hot, hazy Sepang

Race number two

In hot, hazy Sepang

The season started off

With one hell of a BANG!

The clouds did gather

And down came the rain

This Race could be anything

But it would not be mundane

As the lights went off

They scampered away

Could hardly see anything

Through all that spray

Lewis took charge

With Button behind

The rest of the field

Were driving blind

Grosjean?s great start

Saw him slip into third

Between a Merc and a Bull

As they flipped him the bird

He tangled with Schumi

Sent him into a spin

This was a race

Neither driver would win

As the first lap completed

Some dove into the pits

It was a battle of nerve

And Strategical wits

Slipping and sliding

It continued on raining

Tip Toeing around

And hydroplaning

Safety car came out

Round about lap six

Even full wets

Felt like they were slicks

Red Flag was waived

And they waited it out

Team personnel scrambled

And bustled about

The waiting was over

With a rolling start

Full wets for all

That wanted to take part

Gambles were made

As they rolled the dice

Would Inters perform

Or add some spice?

As pit stops were made

And an order was set

It was Alonso up front

With Perez set to threat

Long story short

It was quite the surprise

Alonso took checkers

And claimed top prize

In a stunning shocker

Perez claimed P2

Peter Sauber shed tears

As his boy came through

McLaren was saved

With Lewis? third

Nothing from Button

Not a single word

Webber took fourth

With Kimi behind

Who drove like a man

Out of his mind

Senna snagged sixth

His drive was inspiring

Di Resta was next

All cylinders firing

Eighth was Vergne

In his STR

Hulkenberg Ninth

Who drove like a star

Last paying points

Were awarded to Schumi

Who?s spin on lap one

Left him all screwy

That?s it from Sepang

As teams get packing

Today some were winners

While some got a smacking

Three weeks from now

Is F1’s round three

Let?s all get ready

For the Chinese Grand Prix

Author: Ernie Black



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