Date: 26th April 2016 at 9:19am
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When Formula One and Pirelli came up with the plan of introducing a third compound for each Grand Prix weekend, even they cannot have expected just how popular it would prove.

The additional third compound, coupled with the secret selection of tyres by each individual driver has given a unique twist to the race weekend, meaning drivers have their optimum strategy and then less wiggle room to re-evaluate during the weekend.

During the elimination style qualifying it proved to have a big impact on the racing on a Sunday, but since the switch we’re still having to wait and see.

The Sochi track in Russia however is probably not the best track to try and formulate many opinions. It’s been soft on tyres in the past, enabling drivers to really race and push every lap without fear of the tyres degrading.

This has understandably led to similar selections throughout the grid.

All teams have gone for just one set of medium compound tyres, with the exception of Manor.

Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have both gone for 4 sets of softs and 8 sets of super-softs, a tactic also employed by Force India and Toro Rosso.

Ferrari have gone for 6 sets of both softs and super-softs, whilst Red Bull Racing have gone for 2 sets of softs and 10 sets of super-softs, which interestingly so have Haas.

Williams have gone for 3 sets of softs and 9 sets of super-softs, whilst Renault, McLaren and Sauber have all gone for 5 sets of soft and 7 sets of super-soft.