Date: 25th March 2013 at 9:49am
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We’ve all seen the action and we’ve all heard the comments following, but who do you blame for the Red Bull fall out that sparked controversy in Malaysia?

Of course in modern day Formula One team orders are now perfectly legal, we’ve gone through a spell when they were supposedly illegal despite it clearly happening all the time to today’s regulations which allow teams to tell their drivers what order they want their cars to finish in.

On Sunday in Malaysia we had two very different examples of this.

At the Mercedes team, Lewis Hamilton went from battling with Mark Webber for race position, to dropping back towards team-mate Nico Rosberg as he was forced to go into fuel saving mode.

His German team-mate could quite easily have caught and passed his new team-mate but a team order from team principal Ross Brawn told him to not overtake.

The two did of course swap positions a couple of times, prior to Nico Rosberg’s frustrated radio conversations with the team were aired on the world feed.

But eventually Rosberg settled in to fourth place and a slightly embarrassed Lewis Hamilton stood on the podium, dedicating his victory to the German.

At Red Bull, a similar call was made. The two drivers were allowed to race until the final round of pit-stops when they were told to stay in position to finish first and second.

Three-time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel opted to ignore this direct order from his team bosses and he raced Webber, with the two drivers very nearly colliding on a couple of occasions.

Vettel was repeatedly told off by his bosses and was told he had some explaining to do over the radio, a very public and open domestic played out in front of the world.

But who do you blame for the incident? Do you blame Sebastian Vettel for ignoring team orders? Do you blame the team for making the order to begin with, or do you think that Mark Webber isn’t quite the innocent party in all this and think somehow the Australian was to blame? Have your say on our frontpage poll and use the voting panel to the right of this article to have your say.