Date: 28th May 2015 at 9:25am
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In 2014 the Monaco Grand Prix acted as the catalyst between the Mercedes team-mates heated rivalry for the title.

Hamilton believed he had been wronged in qualifying, stealing his chance of pole position and ultimately a shot at winning the crown jewel of F1, a Monte Carlo victory.

In 2015, whilst not engineered by team-mate Rosberg, Hamilton was once again wronged, with a Mercedes pit-stop blunder stealing his chance of victory again.

How will Hamilton react?

Who will win this weekend?

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Previous Results

Who will win the Australian GP?

Hamilton 51%, Rosberg 16%, Raikkonen 10%

Actual Winner: Hamilton

Who will win in Malaysia?

Hamilton 76%, Rosberg 8%, Vettel 4%

Actual Winner: Vettel

Who will win in China? Hamilton 54%, Raikkonen 26%, Vettel 15%

Actual Winner: Hamilton

Who will win in Bahrain? Hamilton 60%, Raikkonen 23%, Vettel 7%

Actual Winner: Hamilton

Who will win in Spain? Hamilton 64%, Raikkonen 18%, Rosberg 12%

Actual Winner: Rosberg

Who will win in Monaco? Hamilton 56%, Raikkonen 18%, Rosberg 13%

Actual Winner: Rosberg