Date: 29th March 2012 at 4:36pm
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In a hypothetical world, I feel this could be a great solution for both teams and drivers.

OK, so I know there is a lot more to this story than simply swapping two drivers between teams, but in a hypothetical world, I feel this could be a great solution for both teams and drivers.

Let?s start with Perez. Why would he leave a Sauber team which are showing much early promise, to play second fiddle in the struggling Ferrari? Simple, because it?s the move every young driver dreams of! A team of Ferrari?s standing do not stay down forever.

Whilst initially this may seem like a backwards step, there are many rewards to be reaped in the future. A driver who is famously easy on his types could be the perfect driver for a team desperately trying to get on top of an ill handling car.

Of course he would be under strict team orders and would very much be expected to help Fernando in every aspect of his work within the Italian team, but Alonso will not be around forever. A few years with his head down, acting like a sponge, learning all he can from one of the world?s greatest drivers could be just what Perez needs to turn his already promising talent into something other teams will fear on the track!

So it?s a long game, but as a very young driver, it?s a great game to be playing.

As for Massa, well it?s been very clear for all to see that he has been in trouble. Be it for reasons relating to his accident in Hungary ?09 or his lack of confidence in the Pirelli tyres, he just cannot keep Alonso in his sights! We have all seen that on his day he can be a formidable force, but his day has not come for over 2 and a half years now, so the pressure building up on his shoulders from within the team, not to mention the media, is immense.

A change is often as good as a break, and a move to a smaller team who are not in the spotlight could really make him feel comfortable and encourage that return to form he so desperately desires.

Sauber can also benefit greatly from this deal as well I suspect. Whilst any money that changes hands between the teams will always be hidden behind closed doors, I?m sure Ferrari will not let them suffer in that department. A team, whose car is running in almost plain white livery, is a team crying out for sponsors.

A world class driver such as Massa could bring the exact amount of attention to the team that they need, right on top of their great result in Malaysia, to encourage some large corporation to part with some cash in exchange for covering the car in some pretty stickers!

In conclusion then, a Massa ? Perez swap is a win ? win deal from where I am standing!

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