Date: 19th February 2017 at 6:45am
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Claire Williams, deputy team principal of Williams Mercedes are hopeful of a new era under Formula One’s new owners Liberty Media Group.

The sport has seen a takeover since the end of last season and whilst no big changes have been implemented by the new American owners as yet, they are making the right noises according to Claire Williams.

She is particularly excited about the idea of new revenue distributions to the teams, as proposed by new Formula One as motorsport managing director Ross Brawn.

There has also been talk of a new budget cap to be introduced in a bid to make Formula One more sustainable to teams, in the wake of Manor becoming the latest team to fold.

?Liberty have talked about trying to bring distribution of income to a much more equitable level in order to make sure we have a sport that thrives and is sustainable into the future,?

?For us in the middle, it gives us quite an exciting future because if they do bring about a more equitable distribution of income, obviously we will benefit from that.
she told the SPOBIS summit in Germany, as quoted by

Despite being one of the leading teams on the Formula One grid, it is believed Williams operate on a third of the budget of Ferrari.

?We are a team that is able to thrive at that mid-range whereas bigger teams might have to compress what they do, maybe make people redundant if they put a cap on the number of employees or put a cap on spending through budget caps.

?So we?re looking forward to getting round the table and having those competitions.?