Date: 20th June 2016 at 12:15pm
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Williams appear to be on the brink of breaking the all-time pit-stop record in Formula One.

The official record had been held by Red Bull Racing, after they achieved a 1.923 second pit-stop at the 2013 United States Grand Prix, changing all four wheels on Mark Webber’s car in the only sub two second pit-stop.

That record was equalled by Williams at Baku on Sunday.

At the European Grand Prix, the timing screens set Felipe Massa’s pit-stop at 1.92 seconds. The lack of the additional decimal place meant the record is classified as level.

Williams also turned Valterri Bottas around in 2.09 seconds, showing the potential that Williams hold in potentially beating the all-time record.

The speed in which the Williams pit-crew are turning around the cars has even taken the drivers by surprise this season.

?I was surprised in the first race that we had such a quick pitstop.

?We even lost time because it was quicker than you expected, but then in Bahrain and in China I was ready to have a good one, because the team is doing a good job.?
Massa told

Bottas added: ?The first time I got that quick a pitstop it surprised me, The green light came on and I thought it was a mistake or something! But then you get used to it, you get prepared quicker for the green light, and it’s fine.?