Date: 24th November 2014 at 10:36am
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Silver Arrows drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have both been praised by Mercedes Executive director Toto Wolff.

The Mercedes team have dominated Formula One in 2014, with Mercedes breaking the 700 point barrier whilst winning the F1 constructors championship ahead of Red Bull Racing and Williams.

The 16 race wins during a 19 race season, also sets a new all-time record for the number of race wins in a single season by any one team.

But it was Lewis Hamilton who ultimately came out on top winning the drivers title after winning 11 races over the course of the season in comparison to Nico Rosberg’s 5.

?We know that Lewis? talent is enormous and you can see that with 11 race victories,’ Wolff told Sky Sports.

?But both of them have grown as personalities and as drivers this year. Don?t expect Nico to give up and not to come back. He has got to lick his wounds and try to learn for next year and bounce back. I think both of them are going to be great competitors and fighting each other next year.?

But while Lewis Hamilton won the championship by winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Mercedes were once again hit by reliability issues.

Rosberg suffered loss of power as his ERS failed. Something which previously plagued him in Canada resulting in Daniel Ricciardo’s victory for Red Bull.

?It is bittersweet as we worked so hard to make the cars reliable and there was so much diligent work in the background and then we have a problem on a car,?

?I don?t think it would have changed the outcome [of the race] as Nico had a really bad start and the odds were against him at that stage anyway. Both cars finishing the race one-two would have been better, but it is arrogant to say that. We must be happy we have a worthy World Champion.?