Date: 5th December 2016 at 11:01am
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For anyone hoping that there was even half a chance of Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel joining Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, you best think again.

Hypothetically either Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso despite being locked into deals at Ferrari and McLaren respectively, could engineer their way out of those contracts.

Alonso in particular is believed to have bought himself out of his previous deal with Ferrari to make a move to what has so far been the ill fated McLaren Honda project.

The two-time former Formula One World Champion could do the same again to make the move to Mercedes.

As could Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari after 2016, a season that they were suppose to finally go toe-to-toe with Mercedes ended winless and behind Red Bull Racing in the standings.

However Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff doesn’t appear to favour that route, opening the door for the likes of Pascal Wehrlein or Esteban Ocon who are part of the Mercedes younger drivers programmes.

Ocon has already signed to join Force India, but that deal would be much easier to break than the likes of Alonso at McLaren or Vettel at Ferrari.

Wolff told Gazzetta dello Sport as quoted by ?We have three roads that we can follow, The first is to think about having a number one and a number two, a bit like Ferrari at the time of Schumacher and Massa. We can take a driver who can guarantee us points in the constructors? championship.

?The second school of thought is to make use of our junior drivers, Ocon or Wehrlein. After all, other teams have taken a chance on guys like Verstappen or Vandoorne.

?The third path is to go on the market for a top driver.?

He continued: ?What would Ferrari or McLaren do without Vettel or Alonso in December? Or Williams without Bottas? The third path I mentioned is the one I like least.?