Date: 25th May 2012 at 5:42pm
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For most the Monaco Grand Prix is an amazing spectacle.

For most the Monaco Grand Prix is an amazing spectacle. To some it?s the yachts of the very rich in the harbour, to others it?s the girls in their little bikinis but to most of us it is the most glamorous of the all the Grand Prix.

From the first time a Grand Prix was held in Monaco in 1929 it has been widely considered one of the most important and prestigious car races in the world. It is the only circuit where Free Practices 1 and 2 are held on a Thursday rather than the Friday so to have that day can be free to party. It is therefore the only four day Grand Prix while the others are simply the normal three day event.

In the harbour are some of the best and most expensive yachts money can buy. The super-rich moor them there when not in use. The girls that attend the Grand Prix in Monaco are considered by many to the most glamorous and wealthy women in the world.

But before you guys get too carried away at the thought of both of these, try to focus your mind on the reason why most F1 fans will be looking to Monaco over the four day extended weekend.

The season of 2012 has given us five different winners in five Grand Prix, will Monaco be the sixth? It is anyone?s guess. With tyres playing such a key role this season as always the winner will come from the team that manages those best. However, Monaco is famed for its lack of overtaking opportunities and many say the winner may be decided from the Qualifying rather from the race itself. No matter where the race is decided we are in for another exciting Grand Prix. I am sure we are all looking forward to Thursday, Saturday and of course Sunday.

What will you be watching this coming weekend, the yachts, the girls or the fast cars and who is your money on or where does your loyalty lay?

Author: Mandi Finch


Blog: f1vibrations

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